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Joey Burroughs painting of Tappahannock Farmers' Market  

Featured Artist Schedule - 2014

April:  • Jerry Dance

May:   • Dennis Conley
             • Frank Rixey

June:   No Market - RivahFest

July:  • Lily Swann
            • Kathryn Murray
            • Susan Ramsey

August:   • Bill Jenkins
                    • David Aiken

September: • Cecilia Aquino 
                           • Catherine Newhart Minor

October:     • Karin Andrews

November:    TBA

Tappahannock Farmers' Market showcases one or two guest artists at each market. If you are interested in being the featured artist at one of our events please send us an email with details of your portfolio and indicate the date you would be available to manager@tappahannockmarket.com

Left: Joey Burroughs' painting of the Tappahannock Farmers' Market created during the August 2010 market in situ "au plein air".

Featured Artist Locations:
     on Fountain Green
     on Cross Street


Susan Ramsey

Susan Mahan Ramsey has always been interested in the creative arts. Since retiring and moving to Sharps, she has concentrated primarily on painting with watercolor, and recently she has been experimenting with other water media. Sue is an avid gardener, an award winning flower designer, and loves to travel. Her photographs, gardens, and flower arranging are often the inspiration for her paintings.

Sue has had her work accepted into the Virginia Watercolor Society Show and the Central Virginia Watercolor Guild Show. Sue has also been awarded prizes as an exhibiting member of the Rappahannock Art League. Her paintings, as well as greeting cards featuring her paintings, are exhibited and sold at the RAL Gallery in Kilmarnock, as well as being available at her studio in Sharps.

   Susan Ramsey

Trish Hill

While I have always enjoyed the creative process, my artistic endeavors began much more recently. A change in career afforded me the opportunity to take art classes at the Visual Art Center in Richmond. I took several drawing courses, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but I longed for color. Pastels just seemed like a natural choice, and I love getting in there and blending with my hands.

Much of the subject matter I am drawn to centers around items with some age--rusty tractors, vintage cars and crumbling architecture. There is a natural beauty to anything that has stood the test of time. The older I get, the more strongly I believe in this!

   Trish Hill
Karin Andrews

I discovered the trials, tribulations and rewards in working with pottery several years ago. The involvement of all of the senses when creating with clay is addictive to me, and, I expect, will continue to be so. From sometimes frustration, through elation, to creation of a piece either functional or simply decorative...I hope the journey never ends. There is such a similar process when working with precious metal clay, which I've been doing for several years. The scale is smaller, but still involves working with a medium completely malleable under your hands--as long as it's treated with respect. And the end result...pure silver adornment! And to fill in any leftover time, I do wire crochet necklaces using glass and metal buttons and jewelry – vintage and contemporary – as focals.

I currently have my work at Crossroads Art Gallery in Richmond, the Museum Shop at the Virginia Museum, Laurel Gallery in Glen Allen, and at Gresham House Gallery in Tappahannock.

   Karin Andrews

David Aiken - www.davidaikenart.com

The sailboat Atelier is home, studio, and sometime gallery for David Aiken. His paintings are vivid impressions of the places and people he finds as he travels the water routes of the United States and the Bahamas. In the summer months, the boat is in the Chesapeake, allowing ample time for sketching and painting in Bay tributaries and waterside towns.

Whether working in watercolor or acrylic, David uses direct strokes of color-over-color to bring a strong element of design to his art. Despite the boating lifestyle, the subjects of his paintings are not limited to marine in the traditional sense. To balance the boating time, David spends part of each year meandering by land, revisiting his home state of Michigan or, more recently, driving cross-country for the inspiration that comes with the scenic beauty of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. The palette is always changing, to reflect the changing surroundings.

David was interviewed for a nationally syndicated television program that focused on boating-related careers. He was invited to exhibit at the annual show presented by the Bahamas National Trust—one of only two non-Bahamian artists to be included—and a number of his watercolors were subsequently featured in a video postcard@ presentation promoting travel to the Bahamas.

Paintings are sold through galleries and private showings. Numerous commissions have come from the exposure given his watercolor illustrations in regional and national publications. Typical requests are for a particular harbor, boat, or individual, often one whose livelihood is connected to the water.

David is the coauthor of seven children’s books, and he has illustrated a total of thirteen. At schools and libraries, he gives “book-talk” presentations, showing children how to draw and encouraging them to stretch their imagination.

  David Aiken
miss dottie           

Katherine Thomson

I discovered the trials, tribulations and rewards in working with pottery several years ago. The involvement of all of the senses when creating with clay is addictive to me, and, I expect, will continue to be so. From sometimes frustration, through elation, to creation of a piece either functional or simply decorative...I hope the journey never ends. There is such a similar process when working with precious metal clay, which I've been doing for several years. The scale is smaller, but still involves working with a medium completely malleable under your hands--as long as it's treated with respect. And the end result...pure silver adornment! And to fill in any leftover time, I do wire crochet necklaces using glass and metal buttons and jewelry – vintage and contemporary – as focals.

I currently have my work at Crossroads Art Gallery in Richmond, the Museum Shop at the Virginia Museum, Laurel Gallery in Glen Allen, and at Gresham House Gallery in Tappahannock.

   Katherine Thomson

Dennis Conley

Dennis N. Conley was born in Virginia and moved to Essex County in 1961 with his parents William and Nancy Conley having routes in Essex and Northumberland Counties. Dennis graduated from Essex High School and attended Rappahannock Community College.

After a long career of over 30 years with the postal service he retired as Postmaster of Center Cross, Virginia. He loves muscle cars, gardening, and nature. Growing up along the Rappahannock River gave him the opportunity to enjoy every moment of the river with its endless beauty and pleasures. This love helped him explore his interest in art, which he expresses in his paintings and wood burning. You may see some of his works on his www.facebook.com/WaterFrontReflections page.

Dennis resides in Dunnsville near Ware's Wharf with his biggest fan, his wife Sandy. They have two grown sons.

   Dennis Conley

Sarah Honenberger

Sarah ‘Sally’ Honenberger, an award-winning novelist, plays with shapes and colors in her photography. With college art classes in a distant past, her photos reflect the advice of two National Geographic photographer friends and her artist mother: fill up the frame and suggest what exists beyond what the eye sees. Honenberger photos tell stories.

   Sarah Honenberger

Edwina "Sage" Washington

Sage Washington Featured artists for September includes Edwina 'Sage' Washington, a visual surreal artist who discovered her talent before the tender age of three. Sage attended Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C., in the late 70's and put her passion for her artwork on hold in the mid 80's when she became a mother and began writing poetry.

In 2000 Sage picked up the paint brush and began her journey back to her love for art. Her body of artwork includes watercolor, acrylic, and mix media collages. Sage's artwork is poetic and unique in style with a collaboration of bold colors, lines, and texture that animate strong compositions. Sage has showcased her artwork in exhibitions, events and galleries and is currently showcasing at Pottery By Hand in Studio A in Colonial Beach, VA.

Edwina 'Sage' has also had several of her poems published in books and is the author of a children book titled 'Baby Heaven'. Please come by booth #116 on Courthouse Green and view Sage’s exhibit and enjoy her charismatic approach to becoming a strong, but humble artist, poet, and author.

   Sage Washington

Mary Helton Creighton

Mary Creighton Tappahannock Farmers' Market welcomes July guest artist Mary Helton Creighton...... Mary received her Master of Education Degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, and had planned to make a career of teaching. However, after several years of teaching, the artist in her wanted to be unleashed.

She originally started with craftwork; hand-painting t-shirts, and making seasonal craft baskets. During a farmers market on the Northern Neck of Virginia, she saw someone hand- painting “sunset” windows, and thought “I can do that.”

She started not only hand-painting sunset windows, but also wineglasses, cocktail glasses, and even martini glasses, all with her “signature” blue crab design. She now has increased her artistic repertoire to include striped bass, mahi-mahi, flounder, ospreys, and snowy egrets.

   Mary Creighton

Brandon Hennessey

Brian Hennessey Tappahannock Farmers' Market welcomes April guest artist Brandon Hennessey...... Born and raised in the heart of Virginia, Brandon is a multimedia artist whom primarily deals with two-dimensional artwork. Brandon graduated with a B.F.A. in Visual Arts at Longwood University, with a concentration in education. He currently teaches and inspires the young artists of the Prince Edward County school division.

His artwork has been featured by Longwood University, to represent the study abroad experiences and placed second in the international study abroad photo contest. Brandon currently has pieces listed on Etsy.com, which represents his passion, inspiration, and love of water.

Brandon has recently moved his interests into portraiture artwork, currently working on a series of famous icons, such as John Lennon and Marilyn Monroe. Portraiture has given him a new outlet for artistic expression, beyond beautiful scenery. He claims there is something charming about capturing a person's personality and character in a portrait and gives him satisfaction.

Brandon is located in booth #80 on Fountain Green - here's a link to his website: http://davidhennessey.wix.com/artist-educator

   Brian Hennessey

Dawn Howeth

Tappahannock Farmers' Market welcomes April guest artist Dawn Howeth...... Picture This by Dawn is a photography service that combines the beautiful artistry of Dawn Howeths's outdoor photography with the unique personality of your family's story.

A self-taught photographer for many years, Dawn moved to digital photography in 2007, started her own business in 2009 and has grown a huge client base in the region. Dawn also holds fun and informative workshops that teach her clients to use their camera in manual, how to edit images and achieve clean, crisp, colorful images.

Check out her website at www.picturethisbydawn.com and contact directly at dawn@picturethisbydawn.com or visit booth #117 to view her work and meet her in person.

   Dawn Howeth

Cecilia Aquino

Cecilia Aquino pursued her B.A. in Studio Art and B.S. in Business Administration-concentration in Marketing at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Before graduation, she took internships in the field at the Greater Reston Arts Center in Reston, VA and studied “Orvieto and the Art History of Central Italy” in Orvieto, Italy. Cecilia works in mediums of painting, drawing and mixed media and has done commissions around the East Coast. Recently she began using iPhone cases as a canvas for her art and has been participating in painting demonstrations, and teaching cork and canvas classes. Most recent exhibitions have been at The Night Gallery in Leesburg, Torpedo Factory’s Target Gallery, Art Jamz, Mayflowers, Greater Reston Arts Center, and the Ronald Reagan Building.

"Portrays portraiture through a visual interchange of abnormality and mixed media throughout"

I explore the variety of ways people externalize emotion. These portraits embody the vulnerability and strength that are present in human beings. By capturing the features and then by enhancing and distorting the faces gives the portrait a sense of freedom through interpretation. Both the elements and characters in my work communicate stories that are open to the viewer’s imagination. Inspired by the action of taking away the realistic aspect of a self-portrait and focusing on human abnormality, traditions, fashion and culture. Through the organic overlay of sand texture and color I am able to make features stand out at the points of transition where emotion changes.

   Cecilia Aquino

Lily Swann

Welcome Guest Artist for April Miz Trixie Piggle's Opulent Jewels in Booth #69 which is the creation of mother and daughter Gerri Palmer and Lily Swann.

Offering an array of one of a kind art jewelry and sculpture; each piece handcrafted in Reedville with art glass, semi-precious stones, pearls, sterling silver, bits and baubles- even a fabulous vintage find on occasion! From the strikingly elaborate wearable art sets, each with their own theme, to our more sedate non-traditional ways to wear pearls, we make each piece with care, a bit of whimsy, and unique creativity! Our jewelry includes big, bold and chunky funky, ultra feminine with a twist, eclectically delightful creations, petite crochet, wire wrapping, and our two newest ventures- "de-lucious" ceramic crab sculptures and now introducing jewelry and sea sculptures made of vintage silverware!

Lily Swann is a regular visitor to Tappahannock Market and being honored for her creativity by being one of the two guest artists for April.

   Lily Swann

Kathryn Murray

Katherine Murray Almost all her photos were taken on the Northern Neck and most are images of places within a mile of the home she shares with her husband at Naylors Beach. Her digital images are ?pure? photography since they employ no program to adjust colors or effects. All of the colors are as they were found in nature. Many of the images were taken in early morning or late evening. These are her favorite times to be out and to see. The subtlety of the colors and the luminescent light provide great opportunities to capture a scene. These locations might appear mundane, but during the right season, at the right time or with the right weather they are completely transformed.

The artist considers her work often to be "Northern Neck Meditations." Kathryn grew up in Cold Spring Harbor New York and went to college and studied Art History at Bryn Mawr. While in New York City for 10 years after college, she worked in design-related businesses which included advertising, architecture and furniture design. She has been an avid photographer for many years. Her work can be found at the Gresham House Gallery (Tappahannock), Rappahannock Art League (Kilmarnock), Art on Main (Gloucester). She has have lived on the Northern Neck for twenty years and find it a most beautiful place to photograph. Her work has been published in House and Home Magazine, on the covers of the Northern Neck Visitors Guide (2010 and 2011), many covers of the Real Estate Review and two annual reports for 2011.

   Katherine Murray

George Jennings

George Jennings Art, in one form or many, has always been in the back of mind, often finding its way forward to be practiced. It could be music, writing, or some form of the fine arts. I would have liked to study the arts in college, but being a creature of comfort, I studied something my parents would pay for, which is architecture. That’s fine; it is a basic form of artistic problem solving. However, the personalized artistic investment of the architect has gone to the computer, and the profession has become more of a legalistic video game! But I still practice through my hands the designs options being considered in my head!

And now, I practice art in the true comprehensive complex sense of the simple three- letter word. Through various mediums, I investigate and learn about my being at a particular point in time, but always learning and constantly moving forward, though often through what seems to be a reverse gear! In the visual arts, you must back away from your efforts to see if the details effectively support your overall composition. The same is true in life.

So I am always backing up and looking at the recent strokes, making adjustments, and remembering to understand that the successful product is actually the continuing process.

George has Bachelor and Master Degrees in Architecture from Clemson University with minor in Urban and Regional Planning. George is a Registered Architect in Virginia, Maryland, DC, and South Carolina Architect/Planner, Teacher, and Commercial Waterman.

   George Jennings

Ann Beverley Eubank

Ann Beverly Eubank Growing up on a farm bordered by the pristine Dragon Run Swamp and its tributaries, Ann Beverley Eubank has an affinity for these wild and beautiful places, which are often the subjects of her paintings. The swamps and marshes, and the forests that border them, the creeks and rivers and the Chesapeake Bay, as well as the fields and old barns and houses from years past are well known and loved by the artist and are subjects of her work.

Through her paintings Ann Beverley orchestrates atmosphere and mood using compositing and light. She strives to portray what is beautiful and dramatic in nature, sometimes by simplifying, and sometimes by altering what she sees. Through years of study and observation the artist creates snapshots of settings where the viewer can retreat for solace, reprieve, and renewal.

Ann Eubank's paintings have great local appeal. She enjoys painting from her own photographs and also plain air. She is a member of a group of artists that paint together weekly, and a member of the Tappahannock Artists' Guild. Her education includes a Graduate Degree in Education and an endorsement in Library Science, both from VCU. She was accepted into the Painting Department at VCU in 1970 but choose education as a career. Since her retirement she has studied under John T Griffin and recently Michelle Hoffman. Ann Beverley's greatest enjoyment is painting with the Wednesday group River Country Artists and has shown with this group locally and with the 1st Fridays exhibitions in Richmond.

   Ann Beverly Eubank

Anna Raff

Anna Raff has painted her entire life. She grew up in Virginia after her parents immigrated from England when she was six years old.

The landscapes, rivers, valleys, and mountains of Virginia inspired her earliest works. She studied at the Corcoran Museum under French Impressionists and later in London, Paris, New York, Quebec, and throughout the United States. Presently, a series on the Rivers of Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay are her subjects. She is living on the Rappahannock River, enjoying its wildlife and skies.

In 2002 a very large exhibit of 5' x 8' oils was presented in Washington, D.C. for 3 months. The series is called "From Sea to Shining Sea" American Series. There are over 2,000 major works throughout the world that "Anna Christina Pryce" has sold—predominately oil on canvass.

A three year project painted in Quebec, Canada, a large church mural (16,000 sq. feet), is her only acrylic work. It was sponsored by Nobel and raised well over 200,000 Canadian dollars. Creating 7 companies in her lifetime, most design related, she helped raise 6 children and enjoys 2 grandchildren.

"It is very nice to come back to Virginia. It is home, its beauty inspiring and its peacefulness restful. I'm hoping to concentrate my efforts on Virginia's landscapes in order to create a pictorial history of the way it looks today—for posterity and in order to make a significant difference in the protection of its environment/'

   Anna Raff

Jen Donald www.jendonald.com

Every artist says "I was born to create". Ok, I say that too. I was the little girl who watched cooking shows in the morning before afternoon kindergarten and then came home to pretend I was The Galloping Gourmet.

I was the little girl who sneaked art coffee table books out of the library and hid them in my very messy desk because the librarian said I was too young for them. I stared at those pictures until they burned into my brain! I couldn't tell you what the painting was called, but I could show you exactly which book it was in and what page! I was a 7 year old art junkie.

I was also the little girl who wore her mom's old prom dresses as ball gowns, panty hose on my head as long hair, and spun around the backyard as Anna in The King and I. I WAS Anna. Now you can see that creativity was God-given naturally.

I always loved painting and had training in watercolor, oils and acrylic. Being left-handed, oil paints and I have no business being near the same canvas. Acrylics and I learned to play together very well and we've been best friends for 30 + years.

Why the fascination with nostalgia? My parents had a lot of records and mostly due to the pictures on the album covers, I'd ask her to play them over and over. The soundtrack to my childhood was big band music and old radio shows, combined with all the antiques my mom collected and voila! you have my passion for a lifetime!

I'm a transplanted Virginian via Detroit, Michigan and live in Essex County, VA. I have a grown son and daughter who somehow survived their "crazy mom", 2 spoiled dogs and I am married to the love of my life. My husband Darryl is a gem for being so supportive in my art career and my goal is to grow an appreciative client following. It a priority for me to promote the arts culture and support other local artist friends and patrons in the Northern Neck area of Virginia.

   Jen Donald

Jerry Dance

Jerry Dance is a Self taught artist from Blackstone Va. Jerry became a full time working artist after his 6 years serving in the United States Army. Now his art work is in major banks , corporate collections and many private collectors homes and business. Jerry has won many national and international art awards and contests.

Jerry also teaches art work shops in many schools and art events up and down the east coast every year . His art style is very sought after and original. Jerry loves to paint from his grand parents past era in time with a respectful eye for details to their humble lifestyle.

   Jerry Dance

Rivah Country Painters

The Rivah Country Painters represent a group of artists who live primarily in the Middle Peninsula – Northern Neck. For over fifteen years they have met every Wednesday to create, share, and critique individual artwork. The members of the group have diverse interests, talents, and levels of experience and training. Although we have benefited from the expertise of instructors and guest artists over the years, the greatest opportunity for growth has come from the weekly sharing among members.

The Rivah Country Painters have shown their work in recent years at local festivals (RivahFest, Locust Grove Wine and Art Festival, Rappahannock River Run and Craft Festival), in various restaurants and local businesses, in county libraries and in local art studios. Although our group uses a variety of mediums, watercolor seems to be the medium preferred by most members. The scenery and people of the Middle Peninsula – Northern Neck provide most of the subject matter for our artwork. However, some of our artists use their painting to share their experiences from their trips across this country and around the world.

   Rivah Country Painters

Frank Rixey

Frank Rixey found his inspiration for art in the second grade when he entered his first art competition with an image of wild horses, depicted with Crayola Crayons. Although primarily self-taught, he received formal art instruction at Woodberry Forest School and the University of Virginia. Frank has always enjoyed using pencil, charcoal and watercolor. Since his retirement from public education, has he discovered some of the better qualities of the watercolor medium. Frank enjoys the support and guidance of the “Rivah Country Painters” in developing his watercolor skills and techniques.

Frank’s preferred subjects include landscapes, water scenes, boats, piers, creeks, wildlife, old homes, and people mostly in the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck. He has been doing commissioned work involving “house portraits”. Frank’s best pieces show a strong use of light and shadow.

   Frank Rixey Art

Konst & Konstantinova Konstantinov www.konkons.com

We believe Art is the key to the Eternal door. Doors to Heaven is an unique and original concept, of free standing paintings, that offer a magical journey to newly discovered grounds within the eternal art world. Building a link between painting and sculpture, we are not afraid to experiment with different processes and new techniques.

Most of the time deep texture gently washed with oils is our language of expression. The relationship between the free standing painting and the environment is fundamental to our concept. Our works often are large scale and seek to impress upon the viewer some sense of eternity. From early figurative work, our paintings evolved to abstract visions influenced by both the Old and New Testaments. Real objects often are attached to our paintings, proving to the viewer important aspects of our ideas about the eternal contact between the real world and art.

   Abstract Painting   Freestanding Painting Stations of the Cross
            ​Landscapes  Portraits

Aaron Bowles

Aaron Bowles is a contemporary landscape artist whose themes involve nature and the environment. His subjects are the water and it's light, the trees and their relationship to the sky. He works in an impressionist style using abstract compositions and geometric structure. As a colorist, his layered skeins of paint recede and advance providing a counterpoint to the textured impasto that comes from his use of scumbling and the palette knife.

A native Virginian, Aaron studied painting at East Carolina University with Ed Reep, a California modernist, and holds a bachelor's degree in graphic design and illustration from Virginia Commonwealth University. He continued at the graduate level by studying drawing and painting at George Mason University. A former assistant professor of design, he has taught at George Mason University and Northern Virginia Community College.

Aaron has shown at a number of art centers, galleries, and festivals in the Mid-Atlantic region. Currently his work is on view at Artworks Gallery in Norfolk Va, The Tides Inn in Irvington, VA, Prints are available at The Art of Coffee in Montross and at fineartamerica.com/art/all/Aaron+Bowles/all. Available original oil paintings may be found on his website at www.abowles.com

   aaron bowles fairy tale

Bill Jenkins

After a request from my wife in 2002 to make us some comfortable dining room chairs, I took a class at The Windsor Institute in Hampton in New Hampshire.

Windsor chairs are made mostly from Maple, Red Oak ,and White Pine. My chairs can be found from Norway to San Francisco ,from Capital Hill to the College of William and Mary. I have made and sold over 500 Windsor chairs in the past 12 years. The John Adams miniseries used 39 Windsors which I constructed.

Windsor chairs are strong, comfortable, functional, and have an endearing beauty that lasts from one generation to the next and from one culture to another. Both young and old admire my chairs and fine them beautiful and love to sit in them.
Check out Locust Farm Windsor Chairs at the August market.....

   Bill Jenkins chairs

Joey Burrough

“Joey” Burrough first picked up his brushes and began working in oils at age 15 as a youngster raised on the banks of the Rappahannock River in Tappahannock, Virginia.

He is largely self-taught through books, instructional materials, by studying the works of the masters, and more recently, under the tutelage of nationally-known artists Jim Wilcox and Scott Burdick. His plein-air (on-site) oil paintings of Virginia and North Carolina complement his more detailed, retrospective studio works of historical Richmond. His vibrant oils of the beautiful James River in Richmond, the colorful gardens of local estates, the sparkling waters of Smith Mountain Lake, the peaks of the majestic Grand Tetons in western Wyoming, to the wind-blown beaches of the Outer Banks demonstrate his love and mastery of the craft.

He maintains a studio in Richmond, Virginia, and his works can be seen at Gallery 5800 in Richmond, the Little Gallery at Smith Mountain Lake, the Berkley Gallery in Warrenton, VA or at his website: www.josephburrough.com

(Photo credit) Kevin Schindler

   Joey Burrough

Sheryl D Johnson

Sheryl Johnson's art career began early on --kindergarten, to be precise. Since that time, there have been a multitude of admirers and followers of her artistic style as exhibited in the areas of fine art.

Part of the onlookers' amazement may be attributed to Sheryl’s early years spent in an environment not very conducive towards nurturing her artistic ability. She was raised in a tough neighborhood in northern New Jersey. Ironically, her talent continued to thrive amidst often chaotic early experiences that ran the gamut from rough to refined. Nearly discourage from negative criticism, her artistic desires were rekindled by her passion to present realism in her artistic views. Sheryl desires to have her artwork enjoyed by those who truly have a passion & love for artistic expressions.

Sheryl is ready to step out into her own season; discover the fullness of her passion and take a pleasant journey with her deep inside of where her spirit comes alive in the intimacy of her creativity.

   Sherryl Johnson

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